WARNING: This post contains sensitive images some people might find disturbing

So last week marked a huge week for me as I found a new normal and unidentified peace with fire. 🔥 We all have Demons to face in our lives and one of mine to overcome, was melting alive/ being burnt by fire.🔥

So remembering that my dreams are as hungry as my demons, I ensured to feed the right ones.

21 years ago - when I was 16 - I was caught in a field fire back in South Africa and burnt the bottom of my feet clean off. Actually the heat even melted my toes together and the smell of skin burning for anyone that has been unfortunate enough to experience it... will know that it's strong enough to haunt you forever. I was immobilized and carried out of that fire. For over a year after that my recovery entailed learning how to walk again. From wheelchair bound ..to crutches ..to painfully taking my first steps on the sensitive new layers of skin on the soles of my feet.

Anyway last week I faced my fear with Devon & Somerset fire and rescue service. The training levelled up when I was put into a “controlled burn” to replicate fire behaviour and this is the closest I’ve been to flames in 21 years.

It may sound strange but even my wife asked me a couple of bonfire nights ago why I was standing over 100m away from the open bonfire. This is because of the mental blocks I had built up in my mind towards fire.

So I knew I had to face my fear and if you look at it closely F.E.A.R has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run Or Face Everything And Rise The choice is yours! One of the reasons I joined the fire service was to repay a debt. A debt that was given to me by two involuntary hero’s . People with far more than what they believe is to be seen as a normal good deed but in actual fact in my eyes are hero’s. Firstly one of my good mates Wesley Morrison who ran back into the fire and threw me over his shoulder and brought me to safety. And secondly Seun Muller a giant 7”+ firefighter who threw me over his shoulder, covered me in his tunic and walked me back to the emergency services location where I was then rushed to hospital to be treated.

No sympathy vote here just a pat on the back that I faced it and no longer fear it.





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